WHAT: Beginners  Tai Chi class

DATE: Wed Oct 5 – Nov 9, 2016  6 weeks

TIME: 7-8 PM

COST: $20

SPONSORED BY: Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City  as part of our  Welcome Home Wednesday Class.

LOCATION:  Sanctuary Church in Coralville 2205 E Grantview Dr Ste 200, Coralville, IA.

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July 2016 Tai Chi & Qigong Seminars—all are open to the public

For any questions, contact Instructor Jason Kooi at jkooi.virtuemedicine@gmail.com.

Fees: $50 per seminar and $40/each for two or more.
To facilitate each student’s experience, class size is limited to 15 students. Call Today!

Saturday Seminars, July 2, 2016

** Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Part 1 ** 10:00 – 12:00 a.m.
Chinese Qigong (energy exercise) has been used to improve and maintain health for over 2500 years by cultivating the internal energy that flows through our bodies. The Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) is one of the most popular and historically significant qigong sets in China. It is one of the most comprehensive qigong forms, employing both soft internal Nei Gong (which develops qi internally to enhance health) and hard external Wei Gong (which develops qi in the muscles and leads it to the internal organs). Basic energy circulation theory will be taught alongside gentle instruction in the meditative movements. This class will cover the first four pieces and is suitable for all abilities.
** Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Part 2 ** 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
This is a continuation of the previous class in Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin). As with Part 1, basic energy circulation theory will be taught alongside gentle instruction in the meditative movements. This class will cover the last four pieces and is suitable for all abilities.

Sunday Seminars, July 3, 2016

** Mindful Walking with Internal Mechanics ** 10:00 – 12:00 a.m.

One of the greatest benefits Tai Chi Chuan provides students is improved balance and mobility. However, these benefits are not unique to a specific “style” or even Tai Chi Chuan itself; rather these benefits are a result of the internal mechanics practiced by all internal martial arts. This seminar will teach students how to walk mindfully according to the three sister internal arts: Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Quan, and Bagua Zhang. From Tai Chi walking to Xing Yi mud stepping to Bagua circle walking, this seminar will explore how to use these basic movements to improve the practitioners’ health.
** Yiquan Qigong ** 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Yiquan (I-Chuan, literally “Intention Fist”) is a standing and moving meditation used specifically to increase internal energy. Basic energy circulation theory will be taught alongside gentle instruction in the meditative movements. The principles of Yiquan compliment any mindfulness activity, from centering oneself to practicing martial arts.

The postures are simple, easy to learn, and can be adapted for all capability levels.

Virtue Medicine’s Visiting Scholar, Sifu Dug Corpolongo, is a Senior Student and Adopted Disciple of Grandmaster Henry Look, studying Chinese Martial Arts since 1979 and teaching since 1990. He was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2002.

Sifu Dug is certified as a Master Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Instructor by the U.S. Martial Arts Association and is ranked as a senior judge and coach of Internal Martial Arts by several international Chinese Martial Arts organizations. Sifu Dug was on the National Executive Board of the United States AAU/Chinese Martial Arts Division from 1999 to 2010, including service as National Chairman, Vice Chairman and National Head Coach. He currently serves on the National Executive Board of the US Kuoshu Federation and is the current Chair of the I-Chuan Association of the United States. Faculty appointments have included: International Institute of Chinese Medicine,  Southwest Acupuncture College, New Mexico Tech, San Juan Community College, New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, New England Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Reserve your place in classes by emailing Jason Kooi at jkooi.virtuemedicine@gmail.com

I am on sabbatical from teaching community Tai Chi classes Fall 2015. My focus is  developing tai chi classes for veterans and and training VA staff in the Tai Chi Fundamentals form at the Iowa City VA. Thank you for all your support.

I have posted a page for Teacher considerations at the top of this page.


2015 brings a new phase to Breath and Balance Tai Chi.  In September 2014, I returned part time to physical therapy practice at the VA Medical Center in Iowa City.  In my position I provide physical therapy to veterans in MOVE- the VA’s national weight management program.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to offer Tai Chi to our Veterans in my new position.

Due to this new position, I am adjusting my Tai Chi teaching schedule.  This winter I am offering an Introductory class through at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City.  I also continue to teach to Oaknoll residents.

You may register for the class through the link below.  Online registration is available.


Dates: Feb 4- Mar  11, 2015

Time: 7-8:30 PM

Location: 10 S Gilbert St

Cost:  $20


Tai Chi or Taiji is often described as “meditation in motion,” but according to Harvard Medical School it might well be called “medication in motion.”  There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating and preventing many health problems.”  Be still as a mountain.  Move like a great river. Seek stillness, move with the flow.  The bones and joints are connected like a string of pearls: light, nimble and loosely strung together.  These are images that come to mind as we begin our journey with Taiji.

The traditional system of Taijiquan  (or Tai Chi Ch’uan)  involves qigong (energy cultivation),  a taiji form, and sensing hands. Sitting and standing meditation (wuji) are the starting point for efficient taiji practice. It is important to learn how to relax your mind and body in stillness before you can relax in form movement. Learning how to relax in form movement  is important before you can relax while perturbed during sensing hands.

Through training in relaxation, breathing, posture and slow integrated movement, taiji  provides us an opportunity to be centered, move efficiently,  and  grounded in the “busy-ness” of our lives.  We will play with qigong, taiji and sensing hands as we learn the functional movements and mind-body principles of Tai Chi.   Please wear flat soled shoes, and avoid colognes/strong scents, to support a tranquil and healing space.” Please commit to attending most or all classes as they are sequential in nature.


Click on above link for more information.

Tai Chi Classes   

Location:  The Studio  700 S Dubuque St  Iowa City, Iowa

Monday Evenings     Sept 29- Dec 15 (12 weeks) 

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form correction          5:30-6:45 PM     $170

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Level 2                        6:45-8:00 PM    $170

Tai Chi Fall 2014 registration-

$20 discount for  registration by Sept 20


Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form Correction

For tai chi players who have completed or are very close to completing the Tai Chi Fundamentals® form  and who would like to dig deeper into their practice- this class will include qigong, form correction and sensing hands.

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Level 2   

For tai chi players who have attended at least one of my beginning classes.  This class will include qigong, a review of the first third movement patterns and continuing with the Tai Chi Fundamentals® curriculum.






SEPT 22         6:00- 7:30 PM

The Studio, 700 S Dubuque St, Iowa City

Bring a snack to share


RSVP requested