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Tai Chi Classes   

Location:  The Studio  700 S Dubuque St  Iowa City, Iowa

Monday Evenings     Sept 29- Dec 15 (12 weeks) 

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form correction          5:30-6:45 PM     $170

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Level 2                        6:45-8:00 PM    $170

Tai Chi Fall 2014 registration-

$20 discount for  registration by Sept 20


Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form Correction

For tai chi players who have completed or are very close to completing the Tai Chi Fundamentals® form  and who would like to dig deeper into their practice- this class will include qigong, form correction and sensing hands.

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Level 2   

For tai chi players who have attended at least one of my beginning classes.  This class will include qigong, a review of the first third movement patterns and continuing with the Tai Chi Fundamentals® curriculum.






SEPT 22         6:00- 7:30 PM

The Studio, 700 S Dubuque St, Iowa City

Bring a snack to share


RSVP requested







Level 2  Tai Chi  Fundamentals

Dates: May 5,12, 19       Time:  2:00- 3:00 PM

Location:  Virtue Medicine Studio  221 East College St Iowa City, IA

Tuition:  $ 40



Level 1  Tai Chi Fundamentals® 

Dates: May 12- June 23       Time: 6:15- 7:30  PM

Location:  The Studio  700 South Dubuque  St Iowa City, IA

Tuition:  $ 90



Level 1  Tai Chi Fundamentals® 

Dates:   May 20- June 26  2014     (6 weeks- 12 classes)

Time:  1:00-2:00 PM

Location:  The Studio  700 South Dubuque  St Iowa City, IA

Tuition:  $ 130

Please click on link below for registration form.  

May 2014 flyer and registration

Dr Janeta Tansey MD PhD and I will be presenting at the NAMI Johnson County Membership meeting and Integrative Medicine Educational Program at 1105 S. Gilbert St from 6:30- 8:00 PM Call 337-5400 for more information or e-mail me for the flyer.

Dr. Tansey is an Iowa City psychiatrist with specialities in mind-body medicine, bioethics, and existential psychotherapies. Dr. Tansey will be discussing several of the ongoing issues in Integratice Medicine as applicable to mental health

Lori Enloe is a compassionate T’ai Chi instructor whose intuitive, nurturing teaching style combines her physical therapy training with the mind-body principles of T’ai Chi. Lori will be discussing the role of T’ai Chi as a therapy in integrative mental health.



Happy Year of the Horse.  Chinese New Year is Jan 31.

My winter 2014 class offerings are listed above under Winter 2014 classes.

This year in addition to community class offerings, I am excited to offer  Tai Chi Fundamental Professional Training for Health Care Providers.  The first training will be at the Iowa Physical Therapy Association State Meeting in Ames on April 26.  Kristi Hallisy  PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI from UW- Madison and I will co-teach this course.  Contact me if you would like additional information about this training program.

As we wander through the winter let us:

“Walk like a cat”

from The Essence of Tai Chi Ch’uan

Give yourself an early gift this holiday season and experience the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi frequently called “meditation in motion.”

Tai Chi fosters an efficient use of our mental and physical energy and a relaxed and alert state of mind.  Through training in relaxation, breathing, posture and slow integrated movement, tai chi practice provides us an opportunity to be centered, and grounded in the “busy-ness” of our lives especially during the holiday season.  What a wonderful gift: the balancing of your mind, body and spirit!

We will play with the basic functional movements and mind-body principles of Tai Chi and the Tai Chi Fundamentals® program. This class is appropriate for people of all abilities.   Please wear flat soled shoes and avoid colognes/strong scents, to support a tranquil and healing space.

Holiday  Tai Chi class

Wednesdays     6:30- 7:45 PM  Nov 20, Dec 4, 11, 18

Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City

10 South Gilbert St, Iowa City IA

Tuition: $50.00

CALL or EMAIL Lori for a registration form:    338-0005                  lori@breathbalance.com

  50% of revenue from this class will be donated to Project Holiday 

  hosted by  Johnson County Crisis Center.


This is the 26th year The Crisis Center has hosted Project Holiday, our annual food distribution to brighten the holidays for families in need. Project Holiday is made possible through generous donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and service groups. These contributions are used to purchase holiday foods, including special entrees, fresh produce, baking supplies, and more. Financial support and volunteers from the Johnson County community are critical. Help us create a memorable, hope-filled holiday season for those less fortunate and continue the tradition of community spirit


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